THE HANGOVER 2 Update from Director Todd Phillips – They are Not Going to Mexico or Thailand and They Start Shooting November 1st!

     March 19, 2010


I got to speak with director Todd Phillips yesterday and one of the topics of conversation was the The Hangover 2.  As most of you know, the sequel is scheduled to Memorial Day 2011 and there have been a lot of online rumors the film would take place in Mexico or Thailand.  According to Phillips, “neither are true.”  He also said the plan is to start filming November 1st but they have to try and balance Ed Helms Office schedule and Bradley Cooper’s other movies.  But with the crazy success of the first film, I’m sure everything will come together.  Hit the jump for some more comments from Phillips on The Hangover 2.

Thanks to my partners at Omelete for making this interview happen.

The Hangover movie poster - the baby.jpgQuestion: Alan Horn talked about The Hangover I would say at least 50 times in the presentation. I know you guys are discussing or you’re moving forward on the sequel, and I’m definitely curious, how is the studio treating you, and I know it’s far away in the future, but have they said sort of just whatever you want to do-go for it?

Todd Phillips: I think to a certain extent, I mean not certainly like whatever you want to do as far as spending money, but at a certain extent they believe that we brought them The Hangover. We delivered what we said we would deliver, so I think they know I’m not looking to fuck up the Hangover 2, I want to make it funny, too. You know what I mean? I think basically my point is we’re all trying to do the same thing. Make a real funny movie that works, so I think that they trust that certainly with that title I can do that. So they’re giving us…

One quick follow-up, how do you feel though getting back with those characters in the universe after such crazy success? I mean that has to…is there any pressure on you for that one?

I mean again, I think it’s all good pressure. I think that the movie did so well and quite honestly the movie did so much repeat business that, I don’t know how aware you guys are of that, but they have their little formulas and the DVD’s and all those things, that people love those characters. In other words, sometimes movies do well but it’s just this huge flood of people go see them and then you know…this movie just kept going because people kept going back. That tells me that they love those characters and that tells me, not that the movie’s going to financially do better, but just that there’s love out there for these four guys. We can now put them through a whole new set of paces and people will want to see it. So for me, it’s really exciting. As big as The Hangover was, it again alleviates the pressure for Hangover 2 in a weird way but maybe I’m just looking at it wrong.

So they’re like the Sex and the City, the guys are like the male equivalent of Sex and the City?

You know I’m not even going to answer that because I have learned if I say “yeah, that’s a good point” then it comes and then “oh he equates him to Sex and the City like there’s a way I’ve just learned. So my new thing is just…Oh yeah, just look away.

the_hangover_movie_image_bradley_cooper_and_dir_todd_phillips.jpgThere’s a lot of talk that The Hangover 2 is going to Thailand.

I don’t know. There’s a lot of rumors. There was rumor also that it was going to Mexico or something and neither are true.

When are you starting to film Hangover 2?



The 1st. That’s what we’re trying, but you know a lot of it has to do with Ed Helm’s Office schedule and Bradley Cooper’s other movies. Right now our goal is to start shooting November 1st.

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