Channing Tatum Circling a “Major Role” in THE HATEFUL EIGHT

     November 5, 2014


We’ve already got Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kurt RussellTim RothMichael MadsenBruce DernWalton Goggins and Samuel L. Jackson on board for The Hateful Eight, but this is a Quentin Tarantino film we’re talking about; there’s always room for more top talent.  It’s being reported that Channing Tatum is currently circling a “major role” in the film, which is reportedly going into production next month.

The Hateful Eight will be shot on 65mm film with The Weinstein Co. planning to give it the widest 70mm film release in over 20 years.  Hit the jump for more on Tarantino’s latest.

foxcatcher-channing-tatum-steve-carellNews of Tatum’s possible involvement comes from Deadline, but the outlet doesn’t offer any details on the role despite it being a “major” one.  Tatum’s been on quite the winning streak for years, but 2014 will mark an especially big one for him should he snag an Academy Award nomination for his work in Foxcatcher.  Sony Pictures Classic is submitting him for the Best Actor category and while I actually found his performance more riveting that Steve Carell’s, as Adam notes in the latest Oscar Beat, it’s Carell’s work that everyone’s talking about.

Right now, Tarantino and TWC are busy shopping The Hateful Eight at AFM.  According to THR, they’re requiring that potential buyers first score an invite to read a revised screenplay and then head out to Beverly Hills to read it while under supervision in “Weinstein lockdown.”  It’s intense, but it makes sense after that script leak earlier this year.

Even though the Deadline article notes that the film will go into production in Colorado in January, THR claims filming will begin next month and that Tarantino will have the film ready for the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival.

The Hateful Eight is set in Wyoming shortly after the Civil War and focuses on a group of travelers including a sheriff, two bounty hunters and a prisoner.  When a blizzard rolls in, they’re forced to abandon their stagecoach and take refuge in a haberdashery.  According to THR, while there “the men and women engage in conversation and shootings and Jackson’s character, an African-American Civil War veteran, tries to find out which one of them filled the coffee pot in the room with poison.”


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