Paul Feig Developing THE HEAT Spinoff Focusing on Jamie Denbo and Jessica Chaffin’s Characters

     November 15, 2013


Though Sandra Bullock may not be 100% game for making a straight-up sequel to this summer’s comedy hit The Heat, director Paul Feig is still toying around with ideas of how to continue the story.  Deadline reports that the Bridesmaids filmmaker is developing a feature film spinoff that would focus on the characters of Beth and Gina, who were scene-stealing members of Melissa McCarthy’s extended family.  Played by Jamie Denbo and Jessica Chaffin, respectively, the characters harassed Bullock’s straight-laced cop with questions about her gender and whether or not she was a “nahc” in very thick Boston accents, so a feature film spinoff would appear to be something along the lines of a comedy version of The Fighter.

Tracy McAlpin will write the script, and Feig is currently hashing out the storyline with McAlpin and Jessie Henderson, who will produce alongside Feig.  Denbo and Chaffin have extensive experience in the world of comedy, as they together formed the comedic duo Ronna and Beverly.

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