‘The Hunt’: Betty Gilpin & Damon Lindelof Break Down Their Controversial Horror-Comedy

     March 16, 2020

Spoiler Warning! This interview is loaded with plot spoilers for The Hunt. Do not watch this video until you’ve seen the film.

If you made it passed that spoiler warning, you’ve seen The Hunt and you know that Betty Gilpin is downright phenomenal in it. Not only does she make for a kick-ass lead in the controversial horror-comedy, but the role of Crystal also gives her an abundance of opportunities to show off what makes her an unparalleled star. During my interview with Gilpin and writer Damon Lindelof, I just had to jump feet first into spoiler territory to talk about all of Gilpin’s unforgettable creative choices and the bold scenario that Lindelof brought to screen with co-writer Nick Cuse.

Give the interview at the top of this article a watch to hear all about Gilpin’s scene with Steve Mokate in the bunker and to find out whether or not the non-verbal beats of their conversation were scripted. Gilpin also weighed in on what she thinks Crystal might do after the events of the film and Lindelof spoke about what it’s like casting an in-demand actor like Emma Roberts as a character who gets killed off at the very beginning of the movie.


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If you’re looking for even more The Hunt talk after that, we’ve got you covered! Click here to watch my chat with Cuse and director Craig Zobel, and here for my conversation with producer Jason Blum and star Ike Barinholtz.

Betty Gilpin and Damon Lindelof: 

  • Lindelof talks about the story structure of The Hunt.
  • How did Lindelof pitch that role to Emma Roberts and other actors who get killed off very quickly?
  • Gilpin talks about playing a character who’s very consistent.
  • Gilpin and Lindelof talk about the scene with Crystal and Sergeant Dale. Was the entire conversation scripted or did Gilpin herself come up with those non-verbal moments?
  • What does Gilpin think Crystal does right after the events of the movie?
  • What would it take for Lindelof to make Watchmen Season 2?
  • What was the impetus behind changing the designation of the show from “drama series” to “limited series”?

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