‘The Hunt’ Writer and Director Reveal the One Gore Scene They Had to Tone Down

     March 12, 2020

I have now seen The Hunt three times. Yes, I know that sounds obnoxious but bear with me. The script Nick Cuse wrote with Damon Lindelof sees a group of people waking up in a field with absolutely no clue how they got there. They soon come to realize that they’re being hunted.

Without getting into the details of the cancelation of The Hunt back in September, I’ll tell you that I originally thought The Hunt would be tonally in line with The Purge. It’s not. The Hunt is a full blown horror-comedy with a rip-roaring pace, super effective comedic beats, especially well crafted set pieces and one heck of a lead performance from Betty Gilpin. On top of that? The scenario Cuse and Lindelof crafted is very clever and fun to track. I don’t tell you that I saw The Hunt three times to brag, but rather to bring home the point that the movie is well worth multiple viewings for the satisfaction that comes with discovering new operational details of “Manorgate.”



With The Hunt finally hitting theaters nationwide on March 13th, I got the chance to chat with Zobel and Cuse about a whole bunch of behind-the-scenes details. We’ll save plot spoilers for a later date but you can check out the interview at the top of this article to hear the pair discuss the evolution of the character names, whether or not they came up with the specifics on exactly how Amelia and her cohorts put together “The Hunt,” the one time they thought they were pushing the gore a little too far, and more. And if you’re looking for even more The Hunt coverage, hang tight because we’ve got interviews with Lindelof, producer Jason Blum and stars Gilpin and Ike Barinholtz coming your way soon!

Craig Zobel & Nick Cuse:

  • Do Zobel and Cuse have a “The Hunt” bible?
  • Cuse talks about coming up with the character names.
  • What would their The Hunt archetype names be?
  • Zobel on whether or not he can feel the very specific tone of the movie coming together on set.
  • The Hunt goes big in a number of ways; the one scene they had to tone down.

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