October 23, 2010

The first trailer for the The Incredibles Blu-Ray has just hit the web, and it’s as beautiful and heart-warming as one has come to expect, if not demand, from a Pixar film in high definition. The Incredibles tells the tale of a family of retired superheroes who are forced to abandon their normal-Joe identities and mundane suburban existence to defeat a nefarious villain before Earth goes bye-bye in his grasp. The all-star lineup of voices include Craig T. Nelson (Coach) as Mr. incredible, Holly Hunter (Saving Grace, Raising Arizona) as Elastigirl, Samuel L. Jackson (Iron Man 2, Pulp Fiction) as Frozone, and Jason Lee (My Name is Earl) as Syndrome.  Brad Bird, the writer, director and voice of the sassy, German super-fashion designer Edna Mode, has also lent additional vocal talent to this teaser, sneaking in a few Blu-Ray related quips that are sure to pry a giggle out of fans of the picture and technology. The Incredibles on Blu-Ray will be soaring onto shelves sometime in Spring 2011.  The trailer awaits after the jump:

It’s no secret to audiences or critics that Pixar is a juggernaut in the animation biz, with their knack for consistently balancing gripping stories with breathtaking effects and humor ripe for the young and old alike, and The Incredibles is no ugly duck on their record. The film won Best Animated Feature Film of the Year and was nominated for Best Writing/ Original Screenplay at the 2005 Academy Awards, and grossed over $600 million worldwide in its theatrical run. It’s safe to say those who’ve seen it are fans, and those who’ll watch it for the first time on the upcoming Blu-Ray are about to be. As a proud owner of Ratatouille on Blu-ray, I’ll simply say that absorbing the razor sharp, high-def presentation of a Pixar film’s already crisp animation is a divine viewing experience.

The trailer (via Pixar Talk) can also be found on the Toy Story 3 Blu-Ray and DVD this November 2nd, is embedded below for your viewing pleasure. You may want to grab a napkin for the inevitable drool. Enjoy!

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