‘The Informer’ Trailer Finds Joel Kinnaman Returning to Prison for a Good Cause

     October 12, 2020


Because my taste in movies runs somewhere between highbrow and lowbrow, I have been looking forward to seeing Joel Kinnaman‘s crime movie The Informer for a long time. A really, really long time.

As I understand it, The Informer was filmed in 2017 and first slated for release in August 2019 before being pushed to January 2020, then March, and then July due to a variety of circumstances. The film even changed hands after original distributor Aviron Pictures saw its top executive William Sadleir arrested on federal fraud charges that allege he pocketed $1.7 million in loans from the government’s COVID-19 relief program. That sounds like a movie of its own!


It appears that Vertical Entertainment has come to the rescue and will now release The Informer Nov. 6 on premium VOD. It seems like a smart play given the cast here, as Kinnaman is joined by Rosamund Pike, Clive Owen, Common and rising star Ana de Armas, who is unfortunately stuck wearing a terrible wig.

The film follows Pete Koslow (Kinnaman) a former special operations soldier working as an informant for the FBI to help dismantle the Polish mafia’s drug trade in New York. But when the FBI’s operation goes wrong, resulting in the death of an undercover NYPD cop, Pete is coerced into returning to Bale Hill, the prison he previously served time in for manslaughter, to take down the cartel from the inside.

Andrea Di Stefano directed the crime movie and co-wrote the script with Matt Cook and Rowan Joffe. The indie film was produced by Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee, Mark Lane, James Harris and Robert Jones.

I was watching Mireille Enos‘ new Blumhouse movie The Lie last week and thinking about how much I miss watching Kinnaman on the gritty crime series they did together, The Killing. We may never get another season of that show, but I’m excited to see Kinnaman tackle this kind of hard-nosed material again after he spent the majority of his most recent film tied to a chair. Watch the trailer for The Informer below, and if you’re curious about that “chair” movie, click here to check out the post-WWII revenge movie The Secrets We Keep, which pairs the actor with his fellow Swedish sensation Noomi Rapace.

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