Trailer and Poster for THE INTERRUPTERS

     January 13, 2011


A trailer and poster for Oscar-nominee Steve James’ (Hoop Dreams) documentary The Interrupters have landed online.  The film, which will premiere at the upcoming 2011 Sundance Film Festival, follows the lives of three “violence interrupters” in inner-city Chicago as they attempt to dissuade the type of physical violence they themselves once utilized.  Although my own knowledge of the film spans only as far as the four-and-a-half-minute trailer takes me, James is one of my favorite documentary filmmakers and is a fellow Southern Illinois University alum to boot.  As such, it’s a lock that I’ll be checking out The Interrupters as soon as possible.

To check out both the trailer and the poster for yourself, hit the jump.

Here’s the trailer [from Trailer Addict] [via /Film]:

Here’s the synopsis for The Interrupters:

The Interrupters tells the moving and surprising stories of three “violence interrupters” – two men and a woman – who with bravado, humility and even humor try to protect their Chicago communities from the violence they once employed. From acclaimed director Steve James and bestselling author Alex Kotlowitz, this film is an unusually intimate journey into the stubborn, persistence of violence in our cities. Shot over the course of a year, The Interrupters follows these individuals as they attempt to intervene in disputes before they turn violent: a family where two brothers threaten to shoot each other; an angry teenage girl just home from prison; a young man on a warpath of a revenge. The film captures not only each interrupters’ work, but reveals their own inspired journeys from crime to hope and redemption.

Finally, here’s the poster:


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