‘The Invisible Man’ Star Aldis Hodge Breaks Down That Final Conversation

     May 27, 2020

Elisabeth Moss is a true showstopper in Leigh Whannell‘s The Invisible Man, but there’s no understating the value of the film’s supporting cast, including Aldis Hodge as Cecilia’s (Moss) close friend, James. When Cecilia manages to flee her abusive boyfriend Adrian (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), James opens his home to her. The chemistry between  Moss, Hodge and Storm Reid who plays James’ daughter is undeniably charming and really makes you feel as though Cecilia can rebound from her experience with their love and support, so when Cecilia comes to suspect that Adrian is back from the dead to threaten her and her loved ones, the suspense and concern for Cecilia’s safe haven skyrockets.

With The Invisible Man now available to own on DVD and Blu-ray, I got the chance to hop on a Zoom call with Hodge to talk about his experience making the film and what he learned from the Blumhouse process that he’d like to implement on the projects he’s developing. Hear all about that and the movies he hopes to make with his brother Edwin Hodge in the video interview at the top of this article. And do keep in mind that there’s a spoiler question about the ending of the film at the 6:11 mark!


Image via Universal Pictures

If you’d like to hear even more from our Invisible Man home release interviews, click here for a spoiler-heavy bit of information from Whannell concerning Adrian and his brother Tom (Michael Dorman), and here for Jason Blum‘s comments regarding the Blumhouse production that’s expected to begin filming in the next six weeks.

Aldis Hodge:

  • Did Hodge get any advice from his brother Edwin (The Purge) before jumping into a Blumhouse production of his own?
  • When was the last time they were on screen together? Do they have any plans to make a movie together?
  • What did Hodge learn from the Blumhouse model that he wants to bring to his own films?
  • Hodge talks about the relationship between James and Cecilia, and the importance of them just being friends.
  • Spoilers at 6:11! Hodge talks about that last conversation between James and Cecilia. He also talks about how James might feel about Cecilia’s final actions.

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