‘The Invisible Man’: Jason Blum & Leigh Whannell Explain Why Money and Effects Make Genre Films Worse

     May 29, 2020

Jason Blum and Leigh Whannell add yet another home run to their growing resumes with The Invisible Man. The movie features a stellar performance from Elisabeth Moss as a Cecilia Kass. She’s stuck in an abusive relationship with Adrian Griffin (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), a brilliant and very wealthy scientist, but does build the courage to make a run for it and move in with her close friend James (Aldis Hodge) and his daughter Sydney (Storm Reid). When Cecilia gets word that Adrian has taken his own life, she finally starts to see a safe and promising future for herself, but that hopefulness is short lived. Soon after Adrian’s passing, Cecilia becomes convinced that he’s figured out a way to continue tormenting her without anyone seeing a thing.

The Invisible Man celebrated its at-home release this week and to mark the occasion, Whannell and Blum took the time to hop on a Zoom call to add to the conversation we had back in February when the film first hit theaters. Check out the video at the top of this article to hear about Whannell’s signature style and what it means when his crew announces that it’s time to start setting up for “a Whannell.” Blum also talks a bit about that new Blumhouse production that could wind up contributing to the blueprint for what’s necessary to film a movie during the pandemic. You can hear about that and some interesting Invisible Man spoiler details in the video interview at the top of this article! Please be aware that the spoiler talk begins at the 4:45 mark.


Image via Universal Pictures

Leigh Whannell & Jason Blum:

  • Whannell talks about the motion control technique and how he’s always admired filmmakers with a signature style.
  • Blum on what he learned from Invisible Man when it comes to successfully rebooting familiar properties; why genre movies benefit from being intimate and small.
  • Spoilers at 4:45! Whannell reveals exactly when Adrian is wearing the suit and when Tom is wearing it.
  • Are there any real-life examples of this technology being put to use? What inspired the look of the suit in the movie?
  • How did the final conversation between James and Cecilia evolve from script to screen?
  • Blum addresses the new Blumhouse movie that could possibly help set the blueprint for movies shooting during the pandemic.

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