’The Irishman’s International Rollout Helps Make it Netflix’s Biggest Release Yet

     November 23, 2019


Less than a week ahead of The Irishman‘s debut on Netflix, the streaming giant is already experiencing some benefits from the Martin Scorsese flick’s theatrical release at home and abroad. The film, which stars Robert De NiroAl Pacino, and Joe Pesci, is a three-and-a-half-hour mob epic already stirring up serious awards season buzz in categories across the board as it plays in select U.S. locations.


Image via Netflix

Per VarietyThe Irishman‘s theatrical rollout in the U.S. but especially internationally will prove to be a boon to the film’s visibility and awards season success. Netflix can also now boast The Irishman has secured the biggest theatrical rollout to date for any feature film from the streaming service. As far as Netflix’s continued ambitions to break into the awards race from here on out are concerned, this will only prove to be beneficial to the cause and an improvement from the success it received with the success of Roma in 2018.

As far as Europe is concerned, Variety reports that The Irishman has secured fairly widespread releases in the U.K. and Italy. For the U.K., the film is being shown on 80 screens in major cities throughout the country via Altitude Films who have distributed the film to arthouse cinemas like Everyman and Curzon chains. In Italy, The Irishman is showing on approximately 100 screens throughout the country thanks to distribution from Cineteca di Bologna, the same company responsible for Roma‘s Italian distribution. Meanwhile, there has been reticence to screen the film in Germany and France, where 90-day windows reportedly feel too constraining, especially when the film’s runtime makes it nearly impossible to schedule at least three screenings per day.

Looking to Asia, The Irishman launched the Tokyo Film Festival. Through distributor Pancinema, the movie is playing on 100 screens in South Korea. Its release in China, where STXInternational is the likely distributor, is currently unknown.

What is known is that Netflix is clearly intending to broaden its horizons here, both literally and figuratively, as it seeks to maintain and possibly gain even more legitimacy as a force in the film industry. This international rollout will not only up The Irishman‘s profile critically and culturally, but it will no doubt factor into its consideration throughout awards season.

The Irishman arrives on Netflix on Wednesday, November 27. Need to know more? Then check out the final trailer for The Irishman to make sure you’re properly prepared.

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