THE JINX: Robert Durst Officially Charged With Susan Berman’s Murder

     March 16, 2015

the-jinx-robert-durst-murder-chargeI feel weird saying this, but I was sort of pulling for Robert Durst for the first couple episodes of The Jinx. To clarify, I wasn’t pulling for him at all costs, I was pulling for him to somehow – against all odds – be innocent. But as that show went on, culminating in last night’s incredibly satisfying finale (read Adam and Allison’s recap), I just couldn’t give the guy the benefit of the doubt anymore. I think part of the reason I initially wanted to was that he seemed a bit “off,” a bit confused, and just awkward enough to make him an underdog. Even though he’s a millionaire many times over who openly admits to dismembering his neighbor.


Image via HBO

After those two “Beverley” notes plus that mumbled confession in the bathroom (for what it’s worth, I thought the “you’re caught” comment was more incriminating than “killed them all” since the latter quote could be written off as facetious) there was little doubt in my mind. And it seems as though the LAPD, who were provided with those tapes six months ago, had little doubt that Durst would try to flee once that episode aired. While Durst may have not been on the lam quite yet, he was carrying a pistol at the time of his arrest (which is the reason he didn’t get a bail setting).

And now he has officially been charged with the murder of Susan Berman, his friend and confidante who was murdered (somewhat conveniently) right before being questioned in the disappearance of Durst’s first wife, Kathie Durst. He has agreed to transfer from New Orleans to Los Angeles to await charges.


Image via HBO

Another note of interest, and I’m not sure what this wasn’t included on The Jinx, is this eerie statement Douglas Durst gave to The New York Times:

“Before the disappearance of my sister-in-law, Bob had a series of Alaskan Malamutes, which is like a husky,” Douglas Durst said. “He had seven of them, and they all died, mysteriously, of different things, within six months of his owning them. All of them named Igor. We don’t know how they died, and what happened to their bodies.

“In retrospect, I now believe he was practicing killing and disposing his wife with those dogs.”

What led him to that conclusion, Douglas said, was that Robert turned the word “Igor” into a verb and inflected it with a menace: “When he was in jail in Pennsylvania, he was recorded saying, ‘I want to Igor Douglas.’”

I mean…. what? Maybe they’re saving all of this, plus the outcome of the trial, for The Jinx Season 2?


Image via HBO