Netflix Releases Trailer for New Christmas Movie, ‘The Knight Before Christmas’

     November 7, 2019


Netflix has released a trailer for their upcoming holiday movie The Knight Before Christmas. The movie is about a medieval English knight (Josh Whitehouse) who is magically transported to the present day where he falls for a high school science teacher (Vanessa Hudgens) who is disillusioned by love. It is also Christmas time when this happens.

This looks like the dumbest thing ever, and everyone will watch it because it looks like the dumbest thing ever. I don’t know if Lifetime can sue for Netflix trying to steal a holiday brand, but they’ve gone and done it, which leads us to movies like The Knight Before Christmas. Honestly, there are far worse movies to make than a harmless Christmas romance that’s just part of Netflix’s endless content churn. So Vanessa Hudgens falls in love with a medieval knight. That will keep you busy for 100 minutes while you play Grindstone on your iPhone. (Also, as a side note, this isn’t to rag on romance stories or say that they’re somehow less valid than other stories; but if you told me that this film was conceived, shot, and finished in less than two weeks, I’d believe you).

Check out The Knight Before Christmas trailer below. The movie arrives on Netflix on November 21st.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Knight Before Christmas:

After a sorceress transports medieval knight Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) to present-day Ohio during the holiday season, he befriends Brooke (Vanessa Hudgens), a clever and kind science teacher who’s been disillusioned by love. Brooke helps Sir Cole navigate the modern world as he tries to discover how to fulfill his mysterious one true quest — the only act that will return him home. But as Sir Cole and Brooke grow closer, so do their feelings for each other. Can their love overcome all the odds? The Knight Before Christmas premieres November 21, 2019 on Netflix.

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