June 22, 2009


“From M. Night Shaymalan”

Well now we’re just off to a bad start.  That’s the way the teaser trailer for “The Last Airbender” opens and if I were marketing the film, I would do everything in power to hide his association.  And yet as you can see above, even his name is part of the title.  It’s not “The Last Airbender”.  It’s “An M. Night Shaymalan Film: The Last Airbender”.  Does he not know he’s unsuccessful at this point?  That it’s not his name that’s going to sell this film, but the popularity of the TV series that will bring in kids and their families?

Thankfully, that seems to be who most of this teaser is targeting.  Those unfamiliar with “Airbender” will just see a little kid twirling a staff and blowing out candles before getting a look at a weird marking on his face.  But I imagine young fans will just go giddy at the site of it, completely unaware that the fate of their beloved project rests in the hands of a man who thought it was dramatic to have characters try to out-run wind.

Check out the teaser after the jump.  “The Last Airbender” is currently slated to hit theatres in Summer 2010.

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