‘The Last Dance’ to Re-Air on ABC — That Michael Jordan Just Won’t Retire!

     May 19, 2020


I’m not going to mince words: Watch The Last Dance. The 10-part documentary series, which originally aired on ESPN, tells the tale of the 1998 Chicago Bulls, the “last dance” of such basketball icons as Phil JacksonScottie PippenDennis Rodman, and of course, Michael Jordan. It’s an insightful piece of filmmaking that’s not only catnip for basketball fans of this era (i.e. me), but for anyone interested in the fascinating psychology behind human beings wired to win. And now, in great news for “people who don’t have basic cable,” or people who just want to experience it again, ABC is re-airing The Last Dance in a special TV presentation.


Image via ESPN

Jason Hehir‘s (Andre the Giant) work makes an interesting fit for ABC. Disney owns both ESPN and ABC, but The Last Dance is certainly not a family-friendly program, and ESPN even offered uncensored versions of the episodes with unbleeped “fucks” and everything. I imagine ABC will have to make plenty of cuts and bleeps to fit the content and time restrictions necessary for primetime network TV. At the same time, it will likely be a bonus ratings, revenue, and cultural boost for the network, as ESPN has been scoring on all fronts during their airing of the series. If you haven’t seen any of the “MJ holding an iPad” memes, please treat yourself immediately.

The Last Dance on ABC will have the following schedule:

Saturday, May 23 – Episodes 1 and 2

Saturday, May 30 – Episodes 3 and 4

Saturday, June 6 – Episodes 5 and 6

Saturday, June 13 – Episodes 7 and 8

Saturday, June 20 – Episodes 9 and 10

A word to the wise: Keep Kleenex handy. For more on Jordan’s screen legacy, here’s the latest intel on Space Jam 2.