Watch the LAST MAN ON EARTH Deleted Scene That Was Too Hot for TV

     March 9, 2015


I had very, very high hopes for the new Fox comedy series The Last Man on Earth, and I was happy to see those expectations not only met, but surpassed by the first three episodes that have aired thus far. I’m thoroughly enjoying this wonderful, weird, and somewhat sad comedy that’s like nothing else on TV, and I hope its success is enough to warrant a second season (and a third, and a fourth, etc.).

If you watched last night’s episode, you saw a delightfully awkward sexual encounter between Will Forte’s titular Phil Miller and his new bride, played to perfection by Kristen Schaal. It was incredibly funny and the culmination of what we knew was coming since she showed up at the end of Episode 1, but there’s even more to the scene that didn’t make it to air. Fox has officially put the Last Man on Earth deleted scene online (via executive producer Chris Miller), and you can watch it below in all its glory. Of all the funny things to come out of Schaal’s mouth, I still think the funniest part of the whole sex scene is the near total lack of movement during their consummation. Seriously, I am so happy something like this exists on television—and on network TV no less.

Watch the Last Man on Earth deleted scene below, and tune in next Sunday at 9:30pm ET on Fox for the next episode, in which I assume we’ll find out what’s up with January Jones’ newly discovered character.