Exclusive Clip from ‘The Last Man on Earth’ Season Finale Addresses the Jasper Problem

     May 4, 2018


We at Collider have an exclusive clip from this Sunday’s season finale of The Last Man on Earth to share with our readers. The Will Forte-fronted comedy series is barreling towards its Season 4 finale, which airs Sunday on FOX and finds the group embarking on a new destination—that is, until Tandy has second thoughts about what they may be leaving behind. In the below clip, Todd (Mel Rodriguez) and Melissa (January Jones) address the fact that Jasper won’t be coming with them, and what Melissa intends to leave behind for the young orphan. They’re also accosted by Carol (Kristen Schaal), who has opted to wear her sleep apnea machine full time.

The subversive sitcom first debuted in 2015 with an intriguing premise and a pilot in which Forte was the only human being onscreen. The show quickly morphed into more of an ensemble, and the fourth season found the series switching locations once again, this time to Mexico. It’ll be interesting to see where the group decides to shift to next, and if we’ll ever find out what happens afterwards. The Last Man on Earth is certainly a bubble show ratings-wise and has not yet been renewed for Season 5 from FOX.

Here’s hoping the network at least gives Forte and Co. a chance to wrap up the story, as the series has taken a number of bold risks during the course of its run. I am mighty curious to see how Forte intends to conclude the series, and by most accounts the Season 4 finale was not crafted to serve as a series finale.

Check out the clip below. The Last Man on Earth Season 4 finale airs Sunday, May 6th on FOX at 9:30pm ET/PT.