‘The Last Thing He Wanted’ Trailer: Anne Hathaway & Ben Affleck Star in Dee Rees’ Netflix Thriller

     January 23, 2020


Mudbound director Dee Rees is back in action on Netflix with a new film debuting at Sundance Film Festival next week, and the streaming service has debuted the first trailer. Based on the Joan Didion novel of the same name, The Last Thing He Wanted stars Anne Hathaway as a single mother and hardened journalist investigating Contra activity in Central America, far away from home, where she faces frustrations over censorship, struggles with her ailing father (Willen Dafoe) (who turns out to be a key player in the story she’s trying to break,) and winds up inheriting his position as an arms dealer.

Ben AffleckRosie Perez, and Toby Jones also star in the new thriller, which premieres at Sundance on Monday, January 27, and arrives on Netflix on February 21. Our team on the ground at Sundance will have a review online in the coming days, so stay tuned for more on the film and check out the first trailer below.

Here’s the full synopsis for The Last Thing He Wanted via the Sundance listing:

Journalist and single mother Elena McMahon (Anne Hathaway) has rigorously investigated Contra activity in Central America for years. Frustrated when her coverage is censored, relief comes in an unexpected package: her acerbic father (Willem Dafoe) falls ill and leaves her a series of unfinished and unsavory arms deals in that very region. Now a pawn in a risky and unfamiliar game, surrounded by live ammunition in more ways than one, and alongside a U.S. state official (Ben Affleck) with whom she has a checkered past, Elena needs to parse her own story to survive. With her disenchanting life awaiting her back home, she is forced to consider what she really wants.

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