Watch: Stephen Colbert’s Newest ‘Late Show’ Episode Happens in, No, Near the Ed Sullivan Theater

     August 11, 2020


Some good news for The Late Show viewers! Monday night saw host Stephen Colbert return to the studio (sort of) the newest episode of his late-night show. (James Corden also returned to his studio set, in case you’re interested.) This is the first time Colbert has taped an Late Show episode outside of his home in five months. Previously, fans were treated to Colbert hosting The Late Show from his own home after temporarily moving production at the beginning of the global pandemic.

Monday night’s Late Show episode was taped near the Ed Sullivan Theater rather than in it. Instead, the Late Show crew set up a studio environment to tape in just four floors down from the theater (per Entertainment Weekly) with the set created to look like Colbert’s office. Among the clips shared from last night’s episode of The Late Show is Colbert’s opening monologue, which shows off the new, makeshift set. Among the cute personal touches for the set décor are Colbert’s beloved Lord of the Rings books and photos of his dog, Benny.

Our host looks positively radiant to be taping the show is a space which is very much not his own private space. Just outside of the camera’s view, we can also occasionally hear Late Show producers or crew making sounds, adding a bit of intimacy and camaraderie to the show — something I dare say is much-needed and appreciated by viewers in these isolating times. Colbert is always a warm presence, but there was a touch of something special in his monologue on Monday night.

It’s unclear if filming in this makeshift office studio is now the new, new normal for The Late Show. To be fair, viewers will find out tonight whether or not the team once again taped in this studio or have gone back to the old set-up. Either way, it’s always a treat to spend some time with Colbert; where it happens is just a bonus.

Allie Gemmill is the Weekend Contributing Editor for Collider. You can follow them on Twitter @_matineeidle.