THE LEGEND OF KORRA: BOOK 3 Official Trailer Is Short on Dialogue, Big on Change [Update: Season 3 Debuts with Two Episodes Airing June 27th]

     June 11, 2014


If you haven’t gotten caught up with Nickelodeon’s excellent animated series The Legend of Korra, now’s a great time to do so since the kid-friendly network has released an official trailer for the show’s third season.  The series takes place a number of years after Avatar: The Last Airbender and centers on the title character, a new Avatar attempting to improve her abilities and find her place in a difficult world.

While there’s no word just yet as to when the third season will kick off, this trailer certainly suggests the major theme will be “Change.”  A fitting subtitle considering the events at the end of the series’ second season.  Hit the jump to watch The Legend of Korra: Book 3 trailer. [Update: Season three will debut on Nickelodeon Friday, June 27th at 7pm with two episodes.  There will be a July 4th break before the season resumes its Friday 8pm slot starting July 11th, says IGN.]

The official trailer for The Legend of Korra: Book 3 appears below (via Nickelodeon):


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