Phil Lord and Chris Miller Call ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ a “90-Minute Easter Egg”

     June 28, 2016

Phil Lord and Chris Miller can apparently do no wrong, so it’s with great confidence that I look forward to the February 10, 2017 release of their animated pic, The LEGO Batman Movie. Since they’re currently occupied with directorial duties for the Untitled Han Solo Star Wars Anthology Film, they’ll be producers on this new LEGO project, along with the franchise’s installments The LEGO Ninjago Movie and The LEGO Movie Sequel.

Outside of LEGO Land, Lord and Miller have a number of TV projects in the works. In a chat with Lord and Miller about their upcoming live-action/animated hybrid comedy series on Fox, Son of Zorn, our own Christina Radish had a chance to talk to the dynamic duo about The LEGO Batman Movie. Batfans should be very excited to hear just how much of the Caped Crusader’s long and storied history the animated comedy will be covering.


Image via Warner Bros.

Lord and Miller praise director Chris McKay and his knowledge of Batman, making him a perfect candidate to direct The LEGO Batman Movie:

Collider: Will The Lego Batman Movie cover all eras of Batman, or do you draw a line anywhere?


LORD:  There is no favoritism, and there are no limits.


MILLER:  Chris McKay, the director of the movie, is a real Batman aficionado and knows really arcane stuff that was only in one issue of the comic book in 1972, and that sort of thing.


LORD:  And he has a very large Catwoman tattoo on his forearm.

They also compare the film to one long Easter egg for fans, one that includes all sorts of Batman trivia from the character’s inception right up to the modern day and beyond:

MILLER:  So, it is chock full of stuff for Batman aficionados. It is just a 90-minute Easter egg.


LORD:  And it heavily honors the comics. So, it covers all the way through to Batman v Superman


MILLER:  All the way through and to the future.


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