THE LEGO MOVIE 2 to Have More Female Characters Say Writers Phil Lord & Christopher Miller

     November 14, 2014


Phil Lord & Christopher Miller‘s The LEGO Movie is easily one of my favorite films of 2014.  I’ve watched it far more than any other 2014 movie, and I can’t wait to see the further adventures of Emmet and his pals.  Unfortunately, that adventure is a long ways off.  Originally slated for May 26, 2017, the sequel was pushed back a year to make room for a Batman spin-off movie, which is fine, but part of the joke in the The LEGO Movie is that Batman is relegated to a supporting character.  Emmet, the ordinary guy, is the hero.

The upside is that Lord and Miller will return to at least write the script for The LEGO Movie 2, and they’re already on the right track with how they plan to approach gender roles.  Hit the jump for more.

lego-research-instituteSpeaking to the BBC, Lord and Miller say they’re planning for more female role models in the future with Lord saying, “It’s important to us that the movie plays broadly and that we inspire young women as much as we inspire young men.”

Even though the Hollywood marketplace is already (and finally) shifting towards promoting more strong female roles, there still aren’t nearly enough, and I’m glad that Lord and Miller are contributing, especially since they already came up with two good female roles in the first film with Wyldstyle and Princess Unikitty.

The LEGO brand has expanded past just being a boy’s toy, which is just smart business.  There’s no reason to exclude half of a demographic, although I remain disappointed by the LEGO Friends line, not because it focuses on “girly” stuff like “Sunshine Harvest” or “Shopping Mall“, but because the minifigures are different.  It says they’re not a real part of the LEGO universe.  Thankfully, LEGO is changing their attitudes, and earlier this year produced the LEGO Ideas product Research Institute.

There are still no details on what Lord and Miller are intending for The LEGO Movie 2, but Miller did tell the BBC, “I don’t want to give spoilers but there will be more female characters and more female stuff.”  I’m not sure what “more female stuff” means, but Lord and Miller have definitely earned every benefit of the doubt.

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