THE LIBRARIANS Will Return for Season 2 on TNT

     February 12, 2015


Good news, Librarians fans. TNT has renewed the fantasy adventure series for a second season, assuring the world that we will be safe in the hands of Flynn Carsen and his team for at least 10 more episodes.

When I reviewed the series’ two hour premiere last year, I was impressed by its sense of its mythology (thanks to the movie series that preceded it), as well as its commitment to fun action — with a hefty dose of silliness.

the-librarians-renewed-tnt-season-2According to a press release from TNT, Noah Wyle will reprise his role as Librarian Flynn Carsen, with Rebecca Romijn remaining as his guardian. The Librarians: The Next Generation group of Christian Kane, Lindy Booth and John Kim will also all return, along with John Larroquette as Jenkins.

The Librarians launched to encouraging numbers last year, as the most-watched new cable series of 2014. Though its ratings dropped from a premiere of 5.35 million viewers to a steadier 3 million, it remained a solid series for TNT. The network smartly keeping the episode number to 10 also helps keep the material fresh and fun.

The Librarians Season 2 is set to air later this year.