The Lizard May Be the Only Villain in SPIDER-MAN 4. Also, Some Sites May Just Make Up News for Traffic

     October 27, 2009


Ugh.  This is such a waste of time.  I don’t even want to dignify this unsubstantiated bullshit about The Lizard being the only villain in “Spider-Man 4” with a response.  No one even knows if The Lizard will even be in Spidey 4 let alone its sole villain.  You know how I know this?  I know because the script is still being written.  I know because the filmmakers are still working out the story. I know because this worthless article also says that “We all pretty much knew it would be The Lizard and/or Carnage…” It wasn’t down to The Lizard and Carnage!  Carnage was always a highly unlikely choice seeing as Raimi has no love for Venom/alien symbiote and he wants to go with an old-school villain.  At best, you could report that The Lizard being the sole villain in “Spider-Man 4” is an educated guess.   Hit the jump for why I’m sick of this shit.

Yes, you could report that The Lizard being the sole villain in “Spider-Man 4” based on an educated guess.  But you can’t act pretend that you’re a reputable news source and report your guesses as fact.  I think that Captain America will fight Red Skull in the “Captain America: The First Avenger” but I don’t report that as news because I have no way of backing that up.

This is why I’m so pissed off at MarketSaw who reported this story.  I don’t care how strong they think their source is.  This is hit-whoring, plain and simple.  Last week they reported that there would be a new “Star Wars” trilogy, a story that crumbled when you thought about it for more than two seconds.  But they throw this crap at the wall, see what sticks, and then sites like ours have to waste time making sure you know it’s not true.  It’s a waste of time and in the time I spent writing this story, I could have been looking for real news or trying to figure out how to regenerate limbs without turning into a giant angry reptile.



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