We Visited the Set of ‘The Magicians’ and Got the Skinny on the Magical Muntjac Ship

     January 17, 2018


The Magicians is back for Season 3, but its world is without magic. How is a show about magicians supposed to be interesting if there’s no magic? Well, maybe there’s still a little magic around. Outside of the glimmer of magic left within Julia (Stella Maeve), the magicians are left without their power, but there are other natural sources which still exist.

With the fairies secretly controlling Fillory and the magical vacuum left at the end of last season, Eliot (Hale Appleman) sets out with his friends to find a way to restore the magic that’s been lost by collecting a series of keys. The first one, however, is in a location only reached by sea, and thus he will board a boat, the Muntjac, on his journey.

Collider visited The Magicians set and toured the impressive and detailed Muntjac interiors last year, and we got the scoop on this magical new set which book readers will no doubt be eager to see in action. Executive Producer Sera Gamble, Producer Chris Fisher and Production Designer Margot Ready revealed details about the differing types of magic, what magic still exists, the sentient tree which powers the Muntjac, the design features of the boat and more.