‘The Magicians’ Season 3 Trailer Reveals a Darker World & Teases a Major Quest

     November 20, 2017


Syfy has revealed the very first The Magicians Season 3 trailer while also announcing that the show returns on January 10th. The darkly comedic sci-fi/fantasy series is based on the Lev Grossman trilogy of books of the same name and takes place in a world where magic secretly exists, chronicling the adventures of a diverse group of late twentysomethings coming to terms with their abilities and shortcomings. In a major change from the books, Season 2 concluded with magic being completely shut off on Earth, leaving our heroes stranded, alone, and in dire straights.

The Season 3 trailer shows that a world without magic is a very dark one indeed, as our characters are handling this new development with degrees of frustration, desperation, and hopelessness. But the trailer also previews a major plot point from the books: the sea-set adventures aboard the Muntjac. This is a part from the second book, The Magician King, that wasn’t explored in the show’s first two seasons, and one which offers plenty of visual and character opportunities to really shake the series up.

As a fan of both the books and the TV series I’m mighty excited for the show’s return. It really hit its stride in Season 2 as a hilarious, grounded, and surprisingly moving piece of fantasy storytelling, with showrunners Sera Gamble and John McNamara really making the story and characters their own. A straight adaptation of the books would have left little room for improvisation, so I’m a fan of the way the writers have opted to remix events from the book and expand their horizons with additions and side-quests.

Check out the Magicians Season 3 trailer below. The series returns on Syfy on Wednesday, January 10th at 9pm ET and stars Jason RalphStella MaeveArjun GuptaOlivia Taylor-DudleySummer BishilHale Appleman, and Jade Tailor.