First ‘The Magicians’ Season 4 Clip Reveals [SPOILER]’s Return; Premiere Date Announced

     October 5, 2018


It’s back! Well, almost. The first clip from The Magicians Season 4 has been revealed, as has the premiere date of the new season of the terrific Syfy series. During the New York Comic-Con panel for the show, a very curious clip from the upcoming new season was unveiled, which finds Margo (Summer Bishil)—er, Janet—being visited by none other than Ember (Dominic Burgess) in her sleep. Well not Ember exactly, since Quentin (Jason Ralph) straight up murdered that god in Season 2, but this is “an energetic emanation previously placed by the god Ember” who has been activated in the event of Fillorian emergency. And boy howdy is there an emergency.

You’ll recall that Season 3 ended with a literal monster inhabiting the body of Eliot (Hale Appleman) and running off to Earth, all the while magic is now under the control of the Librarians and our Magicians heroes have had their memories wiped and have been given new, non-magic identities on Earth.

Margo has become Janet, a fashion editor, and I love that this clip teases the potential for her to be the one who figures out their magical past and bring the gang back together.

Fans don’t have to wait too long to see what happens next, as the Magicians Season 4 premiere date was revealed to be Wednesday, January 23rd at 9/8c. Moreover, for the first time ever on Thursday, October 18th, fans will be able to interact with The Magicians cast during a special Facebook Live from the Vancouver set, with the cast answering fan questions as they sit down with former guest star and host Candis Cayne. You can follow along with that on the show’s Facebook page.

Watch the Magicians Season 4 clip below, and if for some reason you’ve made it this far into the article and aren’t caught up, the first two seasons of the show are now available on Netflix and Season 3 is on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime, and Blu-ray.