Magic Is Back in ‘The Magicians’ Season 4 Teaser Trailer

     October 19, 2018


The first The Magicians Season 4 teaser trailer has been released online, giving us our first comprehensive look at the new season of the Syfy series. The show’s third season found the characters working without magic, facing insurmountable odds until they finally turned that faucet back on—but at a cost. Those pesky folks at the Library opted to control the flow of magic themselves, so they erased the memories of our favorite magicians and put them back on Earth, without any knowledge of their abilities. Oh but there was just one problem: Eliot was now possessed by a monster who’d been locked in a castle for ages and was finally set free.

The show’s fourth season will find the magicians living very different lives, but they’ll have to find their way back to not only themselves, but each other, if they have any hope of defeating the monster. Alice (Olivia Taylor-Dudley) is the only one who still has her memories, so she’ll likely be the key.

This teaser is brief, but it’s full of everything that makes The Magicians so great: dirty jokes, magic, and Margo (Summer Bishil) being a badass. Moreover, the show is coming off its best season yet, so I’m mighty curious to see what the writers have in store for fans as the show continues to move beyond Lev Grossman’s source material as it carves out its own signature niche.

Check out the Magicians Season 4 teaser trailer below. The show returns on Syfy on January 23rd.