‘The Man in the High Castle’ Season 2 Trailer: The Spy Game Gets More Dangerous for All

     October 10, 2016


Amazon has been struggling to make a real name for its original programming wing over the last few years and they seem to be getting closer and closer to having a reputation similar to Netflix. Transparent is arguably the most important series currently on TV/streaming, but Netflix is known not for having one great series but a half-dozen or more that are really good to great. So, it’s shows like Bosch, The Man in the High Castle, and Crisis in Six Scenes that really have a chance to move Amazon into a new realm of admiration.


Image via Amazon

With Crisis in Six Scenes having just opened to mixed reviews, it now seems like the big debut for the streaming service will be the second season of The Man in the High Castle, their thrilling adaptation of Philip K. Dick‘s seminal novel of the same name. And though the series isn’t as obsessive in details and the nuances of this particular historical fiction, the show had a galvanizing first season that looks to be still being built up in season 2, if the new trailer is any indication. You can take a look at the latest trailer for the series right below and prepare for the run from the Reich to continue when the show returns on December 16th.

Here’s the new trailer for The Man in the High Castle Season 2: