Christopher Nolan Meeting With Tony Scott, Matt Reeves, Jonathan Liebesman, Duncan Jones, Zack Snyder to Direct THE MAN OF STEEL

     September 23, 2010


Christopher Nolan has begun to meet with directors for the upcoming Superman reboot, The Man of Steel.  The short list of possible directors includes Tony Scott (Man on Fire), Matt Reeves (Let Me In), Jonathan Liebesman (Battle: Los Angeles), Duncan Jones (Moon), and Zack Snyder (Watchmen).  Not much is known about the film other than Nolan will be serving as a “godfather” to the project and that David Goyer has written the script for the film, which addresses the character of Superman in a modern context.  Hit the jump for my thoughts on these choices.

Christopher NolanWhen I heard Nolan speak at the LAFF this year, the director listed Tony Scott as one his biggest influences.  The director made it clear that he strongly admires Scott’s work and it makes sense why he would approach Scott about directing The Man of Steel.  Having said that, I really hope that Scott is not chosen to helm the film.  Just imagining a Scott-directed Superman movie gives me a headache.

As for the other choices, I guess I’m fine with them.  Reeves’ presence on the list excites me since I loved Cloverfield and I’ve heard nothing but excellent things about Let Me In.  I am also a big fan of Duncan Jones’ Moon — seeing his name on the list makes me happy.  I know that Snyder’s adaptation of Watchmen had its fair amount of haters, but I was a fan and I’m sure Snyder would make a very slick and epic Superman film.  The only director I don’t have an opinion about is Liebesman, since I haven’t seen anything that he’s done so far.  Liebesman also seems like the most unlikely choice since he just signed on to direct Clash of the Titans 2.

Deadline reports that Nolan will submit his choice to the studio within the next few weeks.  For those of you that don’t know, Warner Bros. has to start production and get The Man of Steel made before 2013.  If the studio fails to do that, they lose the rights to the iconic character.  Because of this, I’m sure we will know more details about the project soon. In the meantime, please tell us who you would like to see direct the film in the comments below.


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