Bryce Dallas Howard Spills Baby Yoda’s Tea and Reveals How That ‘Mandalorian’ Meme Came About

     June 5, 2020


Baby Yoda, the money-printing meme machine created by Disney to beat us all into submission with cuteness, caught fire across social media the instant he first appeared on the Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian. (Get that “The Child” nonsense straight out of my face, his name is Baby Yoda.) Chief among those memes was the image of the tiny robed alien sipping from a mug of soup while the Mando (Pedro Pascal) and Cara Dune (Gina Carano) fight. It’s proven to be an extremely versatile image on social media, and series director Bryce Dallas Howard recently revealed how it came about.


Image via Disney Media Distribution

Howard directed the episode “Chapter 4: Sanctuary”, during which the now-immortalized moment occurred.As reported by TV Line, she explained how having her kids on set led to the fan-favorite scene during ATX TV’s At Home virtual panel about the hit series.

“My kids were on set pretty much every day. And even before we came to set, when it was the storyboards for the episode… when we were just conceiving of things, my daughter would come into the editing room and whenever Baby wasn’t on screen, she would lean over to me and be like, ‘Where’s Baby? Where’s Baby? Where’s Baby?’ Jon [Favreau] picked up on that, like, ‘Oh yeah — if the kid is wondering where Baby is, then we need to know where Baby is at all times.’… There was something with the kids where Baby was very real and Baby was in danger and they needed to see where Baby was at all times… They needed to know Baby was safe. And from that a variety of moments came up that were constructed just because we wanted everyone to know Baby was safe.”

As adorable as Howard’s explanation is, it’s totally understandable and not at all limited to children. “Where’s Baby?” and “Is Baby safe?” were my primary concerns during every single episode of The Mandalorian after the wee greenie was introduced. We’ll undoubtedly see much more of Baby Yoda when Season 2 premieres this October, hopefully clutching many more mugs of soup. For more on The Mandalorian Season 2, check out read up on the mysterious character Deadwood star Timothy Olyphant is set to portray.