‘The Mandalorian’ Guide, Week 3: Every Question We Have After “The Sin”

     November 24, 2019

Here at Collider dot come we’ve firmly established that every single staffer would, in fact, die for Baby Yoda, and The Mandalorian episode 3 confirmed our titular bounty hunter is a hard same. “The Sin” was still a little thin on plot but it did kind’ve make up for it by basically being John Wick 2 in outer space starring a Batman who is super down with committing laser blaster murder. The perfect genre, basically.

Here’s the gist: Pedro Pascal‘s masked-but-still-assumedly-hot Mandalorian successfully delivered his bounty to The Client (Werner Herzog) but then remembered he won’t be able to buy Baby Yoda merch until next month. Like the rest of us, this sent him into a murderous rage, and our unnamed Mando broke every rule of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild, noted sticklers for “don’t shoot our customers in the face”, and retrieved that adorable little green so-and-so from his captors. Trapped and staring down a blaster held by Carl Weathers, the Mandalorian looked to be a sure goner until the rest of his helmeted clan rose up from the underground to deliver jet-pack justice. Did it always make total sense, plot-wise? Ehh. Was it almost a beat-for-beat scenario I’d come up with at 14-years-old, high as balls and in-between rounds of Rogue Squadron on the Nintendo 64? Absolutely, and for that, at least, I appreciate the sweet spot Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are currently nailing.

You probably have questions. I certainly have questions. Let’s get into it, starting with what I know is on everyone’s mind…