‘The Mandalorian’ Guide, Week 4: Every Question We Have After “Sanctuary”

     November 30, 2019

the-mandalorian-gina-carano-sanctuaryTruly hope everyone enjoyed The Mandalorian episode 4, “Sanctuary”, alternatively titled “Disney! Does! Sexual! Tension!”. Of all the answers given in this episode, the biggest one was this: If you need a character to have simmering chemistry with a widow named Omera (Julia Jones) from a farming planet without ever taking off his helmet, that is why you cast Pedro Pascal.

But I digress: “Sanctuary”—directed by Bryce Dallas Howard, written by Jon Favreau—was another chapter of The Mandalorian that offered big, loud, crash-bang Star Wars-themed set-pieces without offering a ton of substance other than Baby Yoda sippin’ on his bone-broth like the tiny boss he is. We’ve pretty much settled into the groove of what Season 1 of this show will be: Mando and BY arrive, do some gnarly-ass Mando’ing, a bounty hunter with a tracker shows up to snipe a dang child in the face, B.Y. is saved and it’s on to the next planet. Here, that place is Sorgan, a forested planet on which a group of innocent farmers faces raids from a crew of dog-faced baddies rocking a serious piece of Empirical tech. In the Star Wars galaxy, nobody has a better track record against the AT-ST than “woodland hermits brandishing sticks”, but the Mandalorian agrees to help out anyway, gaining back-up from a fellow fugitive and former Rebel shock trooper, Cara Dune (Gina Carano). Dune is an intriguing figure from a mysterious corner of Star Wars history who has zero (0) issues soundly whipping The Mandalorian’s ass, so it’s a bummer to see her eff off to another part of the galaxy once the kerfuffle on Sorgan played out. Already halfway through Season 1, here’s to hoping that’s not the last we’ve seen of Cara Dune.

Lotta’ lore gets thrown around here, so you probably have questions. I certainly have a few questions. Let’s get into it…