‘The Mandalorian’ Guide, Week 6: Every Question We Have After “The Prisoner”

     December 15, 2019

Tell ya what, folks, over the six weeks I’ve been asking questions of The Mandalorian, the one I did not expect to receive a somewhat definitive answer was whether or not this dude Mando keeps his helmet on while clapping intergalactic cheeks. (Hello, welcome to a review of a Disney show.) But such is the joy of Chapter 6, “The Prisoner”—slickly directed by Rick Famuyiwa, who also co-wrote the script with Christopher L. Yost—which felt kind of like Suicide Squad in space, or maybe a version of Rogue One without that absurdly dull middle part that nobody talks about. It’s a good time!


Image via Disney+

In keeping with the general formula of The Mandalorian season 1, “The Prisoner” once again saw our titular buckethead (Pedro Pascal) making a pitstop in hopes of protecting ya boy Baby Yoda, only to find himself in another scrappy space fight. This time around, it’s a floating chop shop belonging to Ranzar Malk (Mark Boone. Jr.), an old crime-acquaintance of The Mandalorian who also insists on calling him “Mando” despite the fact Mandalorians are an entire race of people. Do ya just call them all “Mando” and hope for the best? Isn’t that kind of like calling The Child “Baby Yoda” despite the fact he’s not actually Yoda or a bab…oh that’s exactly what we’re doing isn’t it.

Anyway! Mando is recruited to help a crew of scoundrels—Mayfeld (Bill Burr), Burg (Clancy Brown), Xi’An (Natalia Tena), and Zero (Richard Ayoade)—break their comrade out of a New Republic prison ship. It’s a fun, flighty romp that thankfully takes place somewhere other than a desert planet. Mando is, of course, double-crossed for his efforts, but morphs into his Batman-ish final form to enact sweet, sweet justice on his two-faced associates. In the end, The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda blast off again, continuing their quest to find an episode that advances this narrative in any tangible way.

You probably have a few questions. I know I have a couple of questions. Let’s get into it…