The Funniest ‘Mandalorian’ Jokes and Memes of the Week

     December 9, 2019


“This is the way.” This creed could be used in reference to two things: The refrain-like code of conduct shared by The Mandalorian and his fellow mask-wearing warriors. And the way to encapsulate the Internet’s many makers and purveyors of dank-ass memes. If there’s a piece of content disseminated, the Internet will churn it all up into deliciously funny meme sausage. And Chapter 5 of The Mandalorian, “The Gunslinger,” is no exception.

From the ongoing too-cute-for-words-ness of Baby Yoda, to the episode’s depiction of Toro Calican (Jake Cannavale) as a romcom villainous douche, the Internet has poked and prodded at “The Gunslinger” at more angles than a Dave Filoni-directed episode. Now, for your viewing pleasure, enjoy some of the best Mandalorian goofs, gags, and memes we’ve got. For more on The Mandalorian, check out the questions we have after chapter five. Plus, how to get your own Baby Yoda toys — or make your own.