This ‘Mandalorian’ Music Video, with Cozy Pants and Spaceships, Is Well Worth Your Time

     July 9, 2020


Ludwig Göransson seems to live a pretty dope life. The talented musician and composer has produced/co-wrote for Childish Gambino, crafted the score for Black Panther, and rivaled friggin’ John Williams himself in his instantly iconic work on Disney+’s The Mandalorian. Wanna know how he pulled off this score, full of unusual sounds mingling with more traditional orchestral bombast? The next episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian promises to give you all the behind-the-scenes goodies you need — and the Star Wars team released a tasty music video celebrating the musical occasion.


Image via Disney+

A few things worth noting in this music video. One: The main theme from The Mandalorian continues to slap, hard. It’s catchy and accessible while staying complex and intriguing, and its mixture of textures and instruments is captivating every time. Two: It’s eye (and ear) opening to see what kind of strange and simple instruments Göransson used to compose his aural world — from the standard upright piano revealing the fundamentals of his composition, to the strange “Star Wars bass clarinet” he’s blowing in at the beginning.

And three: The filmmakers of the video have put Göransson in all kinds of beautiful, exotic locations, from spaceships to desertscapes. And Göransson stays dressed… very casually. He sticks out like a sore thumb in his cozy pants and long-fitted shirts, and I love every second of it. Dave Filoni, can you write an Inherent Vice-esque Star Wars spinoff for Göransson to amble through casually? Thanks in advance!

Check out Göransson’s delightful Mandalorian music video below, and immediately get jealous of “his whole thing.” And be sure to watch episode 7 of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian on Disney+ June 12 to see a full making of the score. For more on that masked bounty hunter’s shenanigans, check out our interview with DP Greig Fraser.