Exclusive: Sam Hargrave on ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 and How Groundbreaking Tech Impacts the Action

     June 9, 2020


[You can read the Part 1 of our chat with Sam Hargrave on The Mandalorian Season 2 here.]

Extraction director Sam Hargrave confirmed to Collider he was hired as second unit director on The Mandalorian Season 2. Now, we can not only share this exciting exclusive news, but we can share all of the exciting details Hargrave told us during a lengthy discussion initially focused on his hit Netflix action movie. There was plenty covered in a short amount of time spent speaking with Hargrave, including the unique way the action sequences had to be shot for the Disney+ Star Wars series.

For someone with a long resumé of work as both a second unit director and stuntman on action flicks including Avengers: Infinity WarAvengers: EndgameAtomic Blonde, and Deadpool 2, it’s clear Hargrave knows a thing or two about crafting the best action sequence possible. But, in the case of filming on The Mandalorian Season 2, there were some unusual twists. When asked if filming The Mandalorian action sequences was impacted by working within the confines of a special structure known as “The Volume,” Hargrave told us:


Image via Disney+

“Truthfully, it didn’t really impact us on the action side. It did limit what you could do in the space because The Volume is closed in and its got a ceiling cap, so sometimes if you have, for example, in the first season [the Mandalorian] has a jetpack and they move him with a wire and he’s not just running around, it’s harder to execute that because there are restrictions on the height you can get your equipment to. So, from a design standpoint, it’s a little constrictive.”

From there, Hargrave touched on what makes the filming process unique from a craft perspective, in addition to the finer technical points.


Image via Disney+

“But it’s interesting in that it’s almost returning to an older school of filmmaking where you have background prints up. Because you’re seeing and photographing it in real time — a lot of these locations are real or they’re built ahead of time — you have to know your shots. So much prep goes into it. They’re not making it up, going, ‘Oh, well, we could put this in the background.’ They know exactly what they’re going to do. They have a really crazy way of doing virtual scouting where you can ‘scout’ the location before you shoot and see where you want to put the camera. It’s a really wild process. It’s extremely futuristic and kind of going back to an old school way of filmmaking where you have to do a lot more prep. You can’t just throw up a blue screen and wing it on the day.”

We couldn’t wrap up our chat with Hargrave without asking about Baby Yoda. The Extraction director couldn’t tell us much, but he did share this with what seemed to be a knowing smile: “Yes, I know the name of The Child. I carry that secret. It’s a very heavy burden.” Does that mean we’ll finally learn Baby Yoda’s name in The Mandalorian Season 2? We’ll find out when the new season debuts on Disney+ later this year.

You can watch our full interview with Sam Hargrave on The Mandalorian Season 2 below. The Mandalorian Season 2 is set for release in October. Get even more Star Wars updates here.