3 New THE MAZE RUNNER Clips and James Dashner Walk and Talk Featurette

     August 20, 2014


Almost any film can end up with a sleekly edited trailer, but film clips are different.  Sure, they’re completely out of context, but there’s no better way to get a good sense of tone and the potential of the performances than by seeing a more comprehensive version of a scene.

20th Century Fox just unveiled three brand new clips from their September 19th release, The Maze Runner, and if their intensity is any indication, the full feature is going to be one heck of a film.  Hit the jump to catch all three The Maze Runner clips as well as a featurette of author James Dashner touring the set of the film.

Let’s start with this one via IGN:

How good is that?  Again, it’s completely out of context and you don’t even know these characters yet, but thanks to a spot-on shot selection, powerful editing and a strong performance from Dylan O’Brien that really does give you access to how Thomas is feeling in the heat of the moment, this mere minute of material is pretty intense.

That clip is easily the best of the bunch, but these other two are well worth checking out as well.  One features Blake Cooper who actually got the role of Chuck by lobbying for it on Twitter.  Director Wes Ball saw the tweets, put Cooper in touch with casting director Denise Chamian, he sent her a taped audition and that was that.  He got the role, and based on this clip, he deserved it.  Will Poulter is also a standout as Gally, a rather arrogant Glader who seemingly enjoys giving Thomas a tough time.  You can catch them both in the clips below:

Lastly we’ve got the “Dashner Walk & Talk” featurette.  It’s basically Ball giving Dashner a tour of the set, and it includes quite a bit of footage of The Glade and the film’s production office as well.

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