‘The New Pope’ Teaser Heralds the Return of Jude Law’s Sinfully Good Lenny

     August 28, 2019


HBO has finally released the first teaser trailer for The New Pope, the “Is it a spinoff? Is it season 2? Is it its own thing?” answer to 2016’s The Young Pope directed by Paolo Sorrentino and starring Jude Law as bad boy Pope Lenny Belardo.

I hope y’all like to sweat because the teaser trailer for The New Pope is so steamy and sinfully good you’ll need to wipe that brow by the time it’s finished. All of the focus in the short teaser (it comes in just shy of two minutes) is on Lenny (Law), as he rises from the sea like some bronzed god more suited to a Botticelli painting than an HBO limited series. Lenny strolls casually, smugly, gloriously across the frame, getting lots of stares from bikini-clad women hanging out on a beach. If this is any indicator of what we’re going to get in The New Pope then I will take it. All of it.


Image via HBO

But, true to its title, The New Pope teaser reminds us there’s actually a new guy running the church and he’s played by John Malkovich. Shots of Malkovich’s Giovanni Paolo III include him confidently walking out of his private quarters, flanked by cardinals and later sitting down to address them all, closing his eyes for a moment of contemplation. All in all, our boy Giovanni is more serious than the relaxed, beach-going Lenny.

These clashing visions of the Papacy herald what’s to come in The New Pope. The limited series will ostensibly continue Lenny’s story while also focusing on Giovanni’s ascent as the figurehead of the Christian church. Given that this is a Sorrentino-helmed affair, we should expect as much indulgence and sacrilege as there is drama and intrigue.

The New Pope arrives on HBO in 2020. Check out the teaser for The New Pope below: