Brendan Fehr, Jeananne Goossen & Robert Bailey Jr. Talk Playing Interns, Eye-Popping Surgery, and Methemoglobinemia on the Set of THE NIGHT SHIFT

     June 17, 2014


Meet the residents of NBC’s The Night Shift.  Drew (Brendan Fehr), Krista (Jeananne Goossen) and Paul (Robert Bailey Jr.) may not be full-blown doctors just yet, but taking on the night shift at San Antonio Memorial Hospital is the best way to get your hands dirty and gain experience fast.  Drew’s already a bit of an old pro having served overseas and completed a year of his residency, but as first-year residents, Krista and Paul have a way to go, particularly when it comes to applying what they’ve learned in school to the real world.

While shooting episode seven, Fehr, Goossen and Bailey Jr. took a break to talk to Collider about their characters, adding some personal flare to their scrubs-only wardrobe, the most difficult medical terminology to pronounce and more.  Check out all of that and why they think The Night Shift is destined to be a standout in the video interviews after the jump.

Brendan Fehr

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Jeananne Goossen

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Robert Bailey Jr.

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The Night Shift airs Tuesday nights on NBC.


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