‘The Office’ Will Offer Bonus Footage When Series Hits Peacock in January

     July 31, 2020


The Office has been one of those shows that has helped me get through this pandemic, and even though I just completed a rewatch of all nine seasons, evidently, there’s still some footage I haven’t seen yet.

Bloomberg reports that when The Office moves from Netflix to NBCUniversal’s nascent streaming service Peacock in January, the episodes will look a little different — and run a little longer — as they’ll feature bonus footage from the show.

“We will be reintroducing The Office in a more complete way, incorporating elements that were not part of the original broadcast,” Peacock chairman Matt Strauss recently told Bloomberg.


Image via NBC

What that likely means is that you can expect to see the “producers cut” versions of each episode when the show switches streaming platforms next year. Every episode of The Office was trimmed to fit the show’s 30-minute timeslot, which means there was a ton of unreleased footage left on the cutting room floor. Just think of how many furtive glances Jim and Pam must’ve shot each other that never made it to air!

The Office was one of the most popular shows on Netflix, and it’s expected to be a major draw for Peacock, which launched in the U.S. two weeks ago and boasts about 10 million subscribers, according to Comcast. Peacock is no doubt banking on fans of The Office following the show once it changes platforms, just as HBO Max counted on friends of Friends to stick with the sitcom after it migrated away from Netflix. To give Friends fans a little something extra, HBO Max is paying millions to reunite the show’s stars for a trip down memory lane. Peacock’s PR strategy seems much more cost-effective.

Millions of Americans may not be going to the office anymore, but I’m sure many miss their office rituals — watercooler talk, coffee runs, team lunches — and no office had funnier rituals than Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. For more on The Office, including why John Krasinski wore a “Jim wig” during the show’s third season, click here.