Rainn Wilson and Ed Helms Sang ‘Country Roads’ in a Virtual ‘The Office’ Reunion

     April 17, 2020


Rainn Wilson and Ed Helms reprised their famous duet of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” from Season 5 of The Office in an episode of SoulPancake’s Hey There, Human, Wilson’s new talk show on Instagram Live. The two also shared stories about their work on the series, including the revelation that Helms is an avid crafter who would make things out of office supplies to pass the time.


In the Season 5 episode “Michael Scott Paper Company”, Dwight (Wilson) and Andy (Helms) start playing John Denver’s classic song in the break room, with Dwight on acoustic guitar and Andy on banjo. The two start trying to one-up each other to impress Erin (Ellie Kemper), but they gradually get so into the duet that they forget she is there. (You can watch that all-time great scene on The Office’s YouTube channel.)

After discussing Helms’ habit of building Star Wars spaceships out of paperclips and such at his desk to keep him occupied in between takes, he and Wilson briefly harmonize the chorus of “Country Roads”. Additionally, Helms boldly refuses to ever address his hat-and-scarf combination, and I respect him for that choice.

Hey There, Human airs every weekday at 12pm PST on the @SoulPancake Instagram page, with upcoming guests including another fellow The Office alum Jenna Fischer. If you’re a fan of The Office and/or Wilson, it’s worth checking out.

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