Comic-Con: Charles Michael Davis Talks THE ORIGINALS, What’s up for Marcel in Season Two, New Relationships on the Horizon, and More

     July 31, 2014


One of the most enjoyable aspects of The CW’s sexy supernatural drama The Originals is the way characters swing freely from the role of hero to villain.  Perhaps none so much as Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) – the sometimes friend, sometimes foe of the titular Original family.  Last weekend at Comic-Con I sat down for a roundtable interview with Davis He talked about how things have changed since his first Comic-Con visit, Marcel’s journey in the second season, new relationships on the horizon, why Marcel craves power, and more.  Check out what he had to say after the jump.

the-originals-charles-michael-davis-interview[When we interviewed you last year the show had not aired yet.]

CHARLES MICHAEL DAVIS: Yeah, just the first episode.

Right, and I remember you getting really emotional and talking about how it changed your life.

DAVIS: Now I’m jaded. 

How are things different now that the show is a success?

DAVIS: Yeah, I think I don’t know that bright eyed it kind of does fade away, because it’s time to go to work and deal with the task at hand.  Now it seems – I don’t know how to put it.  I’m searching for some metaphor or analogy or something, but I’ll tell you that it is different.  Being back here now is really strange because everything is so familiar – even though it was just last year and everything was so new and obviously had this emotional impact on me.  I don’t know.  You just get adjusted to it.  I don’t know.

The relationship between Klaus and Marcel has been very different from the beginning of the season to the end of the season.  How is that as an actor trying to play those different notes and keep track of where you are in the relationship?

DAVIS: With Joe [Morgan] it’s really easy.  He’s a really good actor.  For me, I know where I’m supposed to be because he’s very well prepared and he adds a lot of layers to it.  It isn’t anything that really throws me off where I have to keep track of too much.  I just look at it scene by scene and piece it together.

Which do you prefer to play, adversarial or friendly?

DAVIS: I like adversarial, because I like that it brings out a more competitive, aggressive side of us.  From meeting some of the fans oversees in Italy and Paris, in Italy all they wanted me to was say like, “I’m the king.  My city, my rule.”  I was like, “You guys really like the bad guy, huh?  Go find yourself a nice.”  And they go, “Yes, yes.  We marry the nice guy, but we want the bad guy.”  [Laughs] Alright, noted, add more aggressive scenes.

Where do Marcel and Klaus stand at the beginning of season two?

DAVIS: I think they’re a little bit smoothed over.  I mean, they still have their issues but in season two the original family is dealing with the parents coming back, so that’s kind of pushed over to the side.  But they squashed it as far as the kingdom and everything.

For now.

DAVIS: For now, yeah, we’ll see what else pops up.

the-originals-joseph-morgan-charles-michael-davisI know you can’t say too much obviously, but can you kind of set up Marcel’s journey as we go into this new season?

DAVIS: Yeah, he’s going to be rebuilding.  In the first season we saw it on a grander scale.  We saw when he was the king of everything, had everything in control.  Now he has to rebuild, so it’s going to be more about personal relationships.  It’s going to be about how he relates to Josh, who’s one of his only friends.  How he’s going to relate to – which you’ll get to learn more about – Elijah.  Now that Klaus is out of the picture.  You just get to see him on a more person to person level as opposed to in that leadership role.

Are there any new relationships or interactions that you’re excited for people to see?

DAVIS: Yeah, I love working with Daniel.  He’s a blast.  I was telling him I love it when I read a scene and all he sudden it’s like, “Elijah appears and says something at the right time.”  I’m like, “Yes!  It’s me and Gillies hanging out on set all day.”  And yeah, we talked about bringing in new characters to mix things up.  So from the start we get a lot of new characters, but also characters that are going to be there for a few episodes, you get to grow with them.  For us, it’s nice because it takes the workload off of us and I think it helps with the fans to see new characters and the different sides they bring out in the main characters.

What about Davina’s relationship with Marcel?  Will we see that explored more?

DAVIS: I think evolves just like when children grow up their relationship with their parents evolves.  You saw it was like a father/daughter relationship, but now it’s time that she left the nest so she won’t go back to that same role.  They’ll have to meet as sort of different people and we’ll see them sort of get to know each other again.

Does Marcel crave power for power’s sake or is he trying to fill an emotional void?

DAVIS: Yeah, I think to fill an emotional void.  I think anything you seek outside of yourself is something that you think can fill and satisfy a void within yourself.  That’s only a matter of perception.  So that’s the thing, he got knocked on his ass.  He’ll try something different, he’ll see that probably doesn’t work and eventually he’ll have to change himself if power’s not the answer.  I’m excited for it.



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