Danielle Campbell Talks THE ORIGINALS Season 2, Davina’s Quest for Vengeance, Resurrecting Mikael, New Characters and Relationships, and More

     August 1, 2014


In The Originals, returning to The CW October 6th, Danielle Campbell plays Davina – an exceptionally powerful witch on the path to take charge of her own life and exact vengeance on the titular Original family.  Last season on The Originals, Davina was kept on Marcel’s tight leash, but with season two we can look forward to Davina embracing her power and taking strides towards her independence.

At Comic-Con last weekend I sat down for a roundtable interview with Campbell.  She talked about her first Comic-Con experience, how Davina will explore her powers and independence this season, getting out of Marcel’s attic, how much control she really has over Mikael, new relationships on the horizon, and more.  Hit the jump to see what she had to say.

the-originals-danielle-campbell-joseph-morganQuestion: Is this your first comic-con?


How has it been?

CAMPBELL: It’s been fun.  Everyone says it’s crazy, but I didn’t really realize just how crazy it is until I got here.

You have to experience it, I think.

CAMPBELL: I honestly woke up, looked out the window this morning and there’s just lines and lines.  I’m blown away.  It’s awesome, it’s so great, but it’s overwhelming.

At the end of last season you were fighting with your own coven, what are you going to do this season to reclaim your place?

CAMPBELL: This season Davina separates herself from her coven.  She doesn’t want any part of it.  She’s a witch and she knows nothing is going to change that, but she also doesn’t want to go by their orders and their laws.  She knows in her heart what’s good and what’s bad, and she’s really following herself.  Based off of last season, she was a pawn in everyone’s game and she was thrown around, and now she’s really taken charge for herself.  She’s a lot stronger.  She’s grown up a lot in the past three months and she’s really taking charge of her own life now.

Can you talk a little bit about Josh and Davina’s friendship?  I love them.

CAMPBELL: Yeah!  Josh is her best friend.  I love their relationship too.  I think Josh and Cami are the only people that Davina trusts at this point.  She now wants to protect the people she cares about, because everyone she loves is gone.  The people that she’s loved, she’s lost and she’s not ready to lose anyone else.

She’s obviously a very powerful witch.  Are we going her explore more of that power?

CAMPBELL: You’re definitely going to see her explore more of that power.  And like I was saying, this season she’s grown up so much and she’s taking on – she has her own revenge plans with Mikael now and the white oak stake.  She’s kind of in charge this year so it’s exciting.

the-originals-image-danielle-campbellSo she’s not overestimating her power when it comes to bringing Mikael back?  Because we’ve seen how much of an adversary he can be.

CAMPBELL: And he’s very – he likes to manipulate.  She is very cautious with how she goes about it.  She’s made a lot of rash decisions based off what people are telling her and now I think she’s really slowing down and planning everything out.

Can you talk a little bit about Davina and Cami teaming up?

CAMPBELL: I think the best way to describe what’s going on, as far as I know so far this season, Cami’s trying to separate herself from the supernatural world.  Davina is as well in her own way.  She’s going back to school, she’s doing her own thing, but then at the same time she has her secret, which is Mikael, nobody else knows about.  All of her magic, she’s practicing in secret.  So she and Cami right now are both focusing on themselves as far as each other go, but they are still friends and they still talk.

Do you think that she trusts that Mikael is going to bend to her wishes?

CAMPBELL: She absolutely does not trust him, and because she doesn’t trust him – she doesn’t trust anybody any more, she’s cast a spell so that he’s under her control and he can’t do anything without her saying so.  I think her doing that was a big move, because everyone else thought she was going to bring him back and it was not a good move because everybody knows how dangerous Mikael is, but she at the same time knew it as well.  So she brought him back knowing that she needed to leash him.

Why is she so fixated on destroying the Original vampires?  Is it for her own sake or for humanity as a whole?

CAMPBELL: In general she wants Klaus gone.  She doesn’t really want the whole vampire race gone, because that means Josh is gone, that means Marcel is gone – everyone she loves she doesn’t want hurt.  Her main mission is to destroy Klaus.  Klaus has killed the people that she cares about, like Tim, and she’s ready to do whatever it takes to get rid of him.

Is her focus so much on that that she’s not going to focus on her personal life again?  Is there anybody new?

CAMPBELL: A new boy comes to town named Caleb and she becomes quite smitten with him, so that will tease a little bit of that, because it happens.

Daniel Sharman, right?

CAMPBELL: Yes!  The new characters coming this season are fantastic.  You’re going to really enjoy them, I hope.

the-originals-season-1-image-danielle-campbellNot necessarily just romance, but are we going to see her deal more with characters she didn’t interact with in the first season?

CAMPBELL: Oh, completely.  Yeah, just in general the new characters have great storylines for everybody.  I think they’re going to be fun.

Basically last season you were kind of stuck up in an attic.

CAMPBELL: I was in an attic and then when I got out it was mostly Josh.

Right, so is there anybody that you’re really excited about that you’re going to get to interact with this year?

CAMPBELL: I interact a lot with Sebastian [Roche], or Mikael, this season and he’s one of the most brilliant actors and he’s so much fun, so I’m really excited to have a lot of scenes with him.

I know that Josh is going to get a love interest this season, too.  How do you think Davina will feel about her BFF dating someone?

CAMPBELL: [Laughs] I think she’ll be happy for him, and I think if anything she’ll encourage him.  She’s a good friend, she’s his best friend and I think that’s how the relationship is.  Just like I think he’d do the same for her.

Was there anything you added to the character that wasn’t originally scripted?  Even if it was just improvising lines.

CAMPBELL: We actually do that quite a bit and a lot of it too.  For example, Joseph [Morgan], he’s British.  There’s a lot of lines sometimes that don’t quite make as much sense – I guess they’re not as natural as if he were to actually say them.  So they’re changed in that way and then sometimes – we work with the writers a lot.  The writers are so brilliant that everything just flows completely naturally, there’s no need to do anything.  But they’re really, really easy to work with.  Our writers are brilliant.


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