Exclusive ‘The Other Two’ Clip: Chase Attends a School Dance for PR, but It’s Complicated

     February 21, 2019


What I need for you, reader, to get out of watching the clip below is that if you aren’t already watching Comedy Central’s The Other Two, then you need to start. It’s never too late to catch up! The world just really needs a second season of this very good show. You will not regret it! (You can read my spoiler-free review of the full first season here).

The Other Two stars Heléne Yorke and Drew Tarver as a pair of siblings whose younger brother Chase (Case Walker) has become an overnight sensation. While their careers stall out, Chase’s star is on the rise, and the entire family is onboard to go the distance. Molly Shannon also stars as their celebrity-ready mother, with Ken Marino as a very skeezy manager who goes by Streeter (you’ll get a good dose of him below).

In tonight’s episode, “Chase goes to a school dance with a young fan for a quick 45 mins. Brooke & Cary accompany him, and try and have the high school experiences they never had as teens.” The whole experience is course over-thought and over-managed by his “team.” Chase is (as of now) still a very sweet and innocent kid who is being lightly used by the adults around him, although he seems to be enjoying fame (as long as he actually gets to dance at some point). Our exclusive clip is really a microcosm of what makes the show so good, from its satire of celebrity culture to its resonating emotional beats. It’s also extremely funny, packing in joke after joke (the series is created by SNL writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider) with perfect timing.

Check out the clip below; The Other Two airs Thursday nights on Comedy Central.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Other Two:

The Other Two stars Drew Tarver (Bajillion Dollar Propertie$) as a 28-year-old actor struggling to get better auditions than “Man At Party Who Smells Fart,” and Heléne Yorke (Masters of Sex) as his 30-year-old sister, who is struggling in general. As the two work toward finding themselves, their lives are completely upended when their 13-year-old brother, ChaseDreams played by Case Walker, becomes incredibly famous overnight. The Other Two will also feature Molly Shannon, who plays the siblings’ fame-ready mother, and Ken Marino (Party Down), as ChaseDreams newly-hired manager. The series is created by, written by and executive produced by Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, who recently departed Saturday Night Live after serving as co-head writers during one of the series’ most memorable seasons.