Matthew McConaughey Clip Round-Up: THE PAPERBOY with John Cusack and Jeff Nichols’ MUD

     May 10, 2012


The prestigious Cannes Film Festival kicks off next week, and we’re starting to see some promotional materials from a few of the films that will premiere at the fest.  We’ve already seen a stellar trailer for the prohibition-set crime drama Lawless and a fantastic clip from director Andrew Dominik’s (The Assassination of Jesse James) Killing Them Softly.  Now a few clips have surfaced for two Cannes films (both set in the South) that feature Matthew McConaughey.  The first is director Lee Daniels’ (Precious) adaptation of The Paperboy, which features McConaughey and Zac Efron playing a pair of brothers who team-up to investigate the potential wrongful conviction of a death-row inmate (John Cusack).

We also have two clips from director Jeff Nichols’ (Take Shelter) deep South drama Mud, which finds McConaughey playing a fugitive hiding out on an island in Mississippi who, with the help of two young boys, tries to escape and reunite with his lost love (Reese Witherspoon).  Hit the jump to check out the clips.

The first clip from The Paperboy is a brief prison meeting between McConaughey and Cusack, but I’m incredibly encouraged by the ensemble that Daniels has put together.  Based on this batch of images, Nicole Kidman looks to be inhabiting quite the character.  This clip comes courtesy of Ropes of Silicon (via The Playlist):

paperboy-movie-image-matthew-mcconaughey-zac-efron-2Here’s the synopsis for Pete Dexter’s novel, The Paperboy:

Moat County, Fla., is located where the St. John’s River flows north-a geographical rarity and, in literature, a signal that we’ve entered the strange and violent world of National Book Award-winner Dexter (Paris Trout). Narrator Jack James is the son of the Moat County Tribune’s editor and publisher. While Jack’s older brother, Ward, reports for the Miami Times, Jack has settled for a job delivering papers for the Tribune. But when Ward and his partner, evil dandy Yardley Acheman, come to Moat County to investigate the four-year-old murder of the local sheriff, Jack assists them in the inquiry. After a vicious beating by two sailors lands Ward in the intensive care unit, Yardley finishes the story without Ward and Jack, fabricating evidence to do so. Accompanying his traumatized brother Ward back to Miami, Jack takes a job as a copyboy at the Times. It isn’t long, however, before Yardley’s wrongdoing comes to light, generating more trouble for the Jameses. [Amazon]

These two clips from Mud feature McConaughey interacting with the two young boys who decide to help him escape.  One of the young ‘uns is played by The Tree of Life’s Tye Sheridan.  The pic has been described as a “fairy tale” and also stars Nichols’ Take Shelter star Michael Shannon.  The clips come courtesy of Ropes of Silicon (via The Playlist):

Here’s a synopsis for Mud:

MUD is a coming-of-age drama centered around two fourteen-year-old boys who encounter a mysterious fugitive hiding out on an island in the Mississippi.  Intrigued by this man, they enter into a pact to help him evade capture and reconnect with the love of his life.  Though it is hard for the boys to discern truth from fiction when it comes to Mud, it isn’t long until their small Arkansas town is besieged by a beautiful girl with a line of hunters in tow.


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