‘The Politician’ Season 2 Trailer Teases a Wickedly Fun New Election Cycle

     June 15, 2020


There is more than one important election happening in the Year 2020 but, alas, the only one I can muster any energy to invest in with spontaneously combusting is the one in The Politician Season 2. On Monday, Netflix released the first trailer for the upcoming second season of Ryan Murphy‘s wickedly soapy series starring Ben PlattGwyneth PaltrowJudith Light, and Bette Midler. Come for the preview of what looks to be a gleefully scandalous new chapter, but stay for the Nancy Meyers jokes, throuple chat, and the incredible twosome of Light and Midler.


Image via Netflix

The Politician Season 2 trailer plunges us back into the events of the time jump from the Season 1 finale. Payton Hobart (Platt) is facing off against New York Senator Dede Standish (Light) in a big bid to achieve the political glory he so very much desires. The stakes are much, much higher for Payton this time around. Running for a state senate seat ain’t nothing like a high school election. Luckily, Payton has his tried-and-true team to rely on: Alice (Julia Schlaepfer), McAfee (Laura Dreyfuss), James (Theo Germaine), and Skye (Rahne Jones) are all back to help get Payton to the top. As the Hobart campaign competes with Standish’s, the trailer teases the lengths to which these two camps will go to in order to tear their opponent down in order to win. There will be sex scandals. There will be damaging photos. There will be threats of a double agent. And, if case you were worried there wouldn’t be a bit about Midler’s character trying out spicy lube, there is also a bit about Midler’s character trying out spicy lube. All things considered, it looks like The Politician Season 2 is going to be leaning even more into its soapy, melodramatic tendencies and turning the drama up to an 11.

The Politician Season 2 arrives on Netflix on Friday, June 19. Check out the official trailer below. For more, check out the new images from Season 2 and revisit our review of Season 1 before the next chapter’s premiere later in the week.