THE POLITICIAN: Vince Vaughn Could Be on the Upswing in New Comedy

     September 2, 2014


It looks like Vince Vaughn is willing himself out of a career rut with some of the projects he’s been signing onto recently, which is something I’m pretty happy about.  I’ve always loved his comic timing and have found him to be a relatable, charismatic and funny screen presence more often than not.  But the shine started to come off of him over the past few years as his comedies grew more formulaic (in my opinion this fallow period stretches from Fred Claus up until Delivery Man).  But with a role in Season 2 of True Detective and what sounds like a darker film coming up in Term Life, maybe Vaughn truly is taking back his career á la Matthew McConaughey.

The Politician could be another step back in the right direction.  At first glance, it appears possible that this studio project could be another paycheck gig, but with the addition of What If writer/director Michael Dowse behind the camera, its prospects brighten.  Also, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are two of the producers.  Another encouraging sign.  Hit the jump for more on Vince Vaughn as The Politician.

michael-dowse-the-politicianPer THR the script by Matthew Bass and Theodore Bressman concerns:

A politician in Washington D.C. who is caught in a scandal with some hookers. The man and his underachieving accomplice go on the run from the FBI, U.S. Marshals and a gang of drug dealers.

Again, that synopsis sounds like it could also fit in with Vaughn’s work from the past seven or eight years.  But with Dowse, Rogen and Goldberg involved, I’m more than optimistic this is part of a new playbook for the actor.

Vince Vaughn The Politician

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