‘The Predator’ Motion Poster Teases Shane Black’s Electrifying Sequel

     October 21, 2017


Despite awards season now officially kicking into high gear, we still have plenty of big blockbusters still left in the pipeline, whether that be Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League or Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. And yet, eyes are already turning toward the bevy of blockbusters that will be hitting theaters in 2018, which is still well over two months away.


Image via 20th Century Fox

Aquaman, Black Panther, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and Ready Player One may be the first big ones to hit our shores but I’m just as impatient for Shane Black‘s The Predator as I am those titans. A technical sequel to the first two Predator films, Black’s movie features the best cast ever assembled in the franchise, including Keegan Michael-Key, Thomas Jane, and Moonlight breakout Trevonte Rhodes. More important, however, is the fact that Black is both at the helm and the sole credited writer on the movie.

Black is one of the most undervalued auteurs currently working in Hollywood. With the notable exception of Iron Man 3, still the best of all the Marvel films, and his work on the Lethal Weapon franchise, Black has built a career out of making movies that have mediocre box office receipts but immediately secure a cult status amongst fans. Last year’s The Nice Guys fizzled out at the box office but many of those who saw the movie consider it the best movie of the 2016 summer season by a mile. Beloved by dark comedy fans, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, his directorial debut, gave Robert Downey Jr. his revitalized career and features one of Val Kilmer‘s best performances to date. If this is any indication of what he has planned for The Predator, it will likely end up being the best summer movie of 2018.


Image via 20th Century Fox

To tease the release, the Predator app recently released a brand new motion poster for Black’s film, wherein a bolt of lightning takes the shape of the alien’s iconic mask. You can take a look at the motion poster below but you will have to wait until August 3rd of next year to see the movie itself. For many, that means literally nothing but for fans of Black, the impatience to get eyes on The Predator is pestering to say the very least.

Here’s the new motion poster for The Predator:

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