First ‘The Punisher’ Footage Finds Frank Castle on a War Path

     July 21, 2017

Yeah, sure – every single Marvel superhero in existence will be teaming up in a year on the big screen; but to satiate you during this ‘Infinite’ winter, the Marvel B-Squad will be gearing up in less than a month… albeit on much smaller screen(s). And, by the by, I don’t say ‘B-Squad’ in a condescending or dismissive fashion. Luke CageDaredevilJessica Jones and Iron Fist have all made the most of their smaller scale TV roots, tackling far more adult content (rape, racism, ninjas) than their big screen counterparts. Ok, maybe not so much Iron Fist.  There’s a strong part of myself that *may* even be more excited for The Defenders than Avengers: Infinity War. ‘Heresy’, you say. But, hey, remember only one of these super-hero mash-ups co-stars Sigourney Weaver.


Image via Netflix

In any case, The Defenders (Charlie CoxKristen RitterMike Colter & Finn Jones) took the stage of Hall H this evening to premiere the entire first episode of the new series! And, not to be outdone, Jon Bernthal also made a surprise appearance, showing a hell of a clip for The Punisher. For bullet point highlights/reactions of the footage & panel, read on below.

  • The panel opens with a ticking clock (60,59,58…) with voiceover from each of the previous shows/seasons. The pays off: when the clock hits zero, Sigourney Weaver utters a fairly foreboding line – “It’s just a city. You’ll get used to watching them fall.”
  • Jon Bernthal (The Punisher) is the first person to come out on stage – showing a clip from The Punisher. The clip plays as follows: A little girl plays the guitar with Frank, a much happier time with his daughter. We immediately intercut this happy scene with Frank now alone in a room, struggling to play this same guitar – sad & depressed. We then immediately cut to a murder montage. Frank drives a van in Alabama, chasing two guys on motorcycles. He easily shoots their tires out and then redirects his van, deliberately running them over. Cut to a party – a ‘heavy’ arrives. The Punisher, on a rooftop, scopes with a rifle this same guy. The guy goes up to a room about to get some head… when ‘bam’… The Punisher takes his shot, blasting the guy’s brains on the wall. The reveal – Frank isn’t across the street but at least eight rooftops away, ten or so miles out. Cut to Frank murdering a guy in a bathroom. The guy pleads for his life – “Killing me isn’t going to bring your family back. What does it change?” The Punisher responds coldly – “Nothing.” He then immediately strangles the poor sap and walks away. Bernthal looks GREAT in the clip. Super excited for an entire show centered around him.